August 4, 2014 2014 International Osnabrück Summer Institute on the Cultural Study of the Law: Contested Properties: Culture, Rights and the Humanities
May 29, 2014 Linguistic and Religious Pluralism: Between Difference and Inequality
May 22, 2014 Containing Abjection: Haiti, Gender, and Humanitarian Gaze
May 16, 2014 4th Annual Conference, The Racial State: Democratic and Despotic Dimensions
April 24, 2014 Expert Series: Ganging Up On Gang Violence
April 18, 2014 2014 Golden West College Peace Conference
April 17, 2014 Genocide: Sudan, A Collection of Short Films
April 4, 2014 Honoring Social Sciences Teaching and Technology Innovators
April 3, 2014 Nature Beyond Borders: Sustaining Spaces for Nature in 21st Century India
March 13, 2014 Drama, Law and Justice: The Making of The Trial of Dedan Kimathi by Ngugi wa Thiong’o and Micere Mugo
March 10, 2014 Public Health Seminar Series Winter Quarter 2014 presents
March 6, 2014 The Masculinities of Postcolonial Governance: Bureaucratic Memoirs of Indian ICS
February 28, 2014 Public Health Seminar Series Winter Quarter 2014 presents
February 27, 2014 Surveillance after Snowden: Decoding the 'Snooping Scandal'
February 26, 2014 US Immigration Reform and Its Global Impact
February 25, 2014 "Money and Markets in a Human Economy: Harnessing Bureaucracy to Grassroots Democracy"
February 25, 2014 Lessons from the Postville Raid
February 21, 2014 Urban computing: Designing media architecture
February 21, 2014 Inside the Politics of Self-determination
February 20, 2014 EXPERT SERIES: Is Crisis the New Normal Across the Middle East and Africa?